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Cuomo pushing for all international travelers to be tested before coming to NY



ALBANY, N.Y.  — After the UK COVID variant was found in Saratoga County earlier this week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is renewing his push to have international travelers tested before they enter New York. Cuomo says he is not calling for a travel ban, just for travelers to be tested before they fly.

Besides testing travelers, Cuomo talked a lot about vaccine distribution across the state. Right now, the state is getting about 300,000 doses of vaccine every week. However, there are over two million people just in the healthcare system that need to be vaccinated alone, including those residents in nursing homes.
Cuomo said that New York State will be ready to vaccinate once the vaccines are available via the state’s own distribution system.
Right now, healthcare workers and nursing home residents are being targeted in phase 1a of the vaccination. Next to be vaccinated in phase 1b would be education workers, public safety workers, and those over the age of 75, and below is the approximate populations of those groups.
When it comes to the daily COVID-19 numbers across the state, the state average is 8.41%.
Here is a breakdown of COVID-19 infection rates by region:
The hospitalization rate across the state is below:
Cuomo also said on Wednesday that he would not be in attendance at Saturday’s Buffalo Bills playoff game because he needs to rewrite his State of the State Address, which will be given on Monday. He said he will be giving his ticket to a nurse who works at Erie County Medical Center.

In the meantime, fans are already lining up to be tested in Orchard Park.