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COVID vaccines are safe for pregnant women



Rochester, New York — Some women remain concerned about their impact on fertility and pregnancy with the development of COVID-19 vaccines

Studies have shown there is no impact on fertility from the COVID vaccine, according to URMC.

According to doctors, the initial vaccine shots, as well as boosters, are safe for women who are pregnant, have recently had a baby or are trying to.

While studies have shown the vaccine may create a small change in some women’s menstrual cycle, it quickly reverts back to normal, doctors said.

“But no one knows that they are not going to get COVID, especially in the recent months where the omicron variant has been so contagious,” Dr. Eva Pressman, URMC Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology chair, said. “It’s very easy to get COVID, even if you’re doing the right things, so the booster is just another layer of protection to prevent you from getting a severe case of COVID.”

According to doctors, the antibodies produced can be passed through breast milk and may provide some protection to the baby.