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Corning Museum of Glass to introduce glasses for color deficient visitors



Corning, New York – The Corning Museum of Glass invited several color deficient people from the area on Monday, July 25th, to use EnChroma glasses to experience viewing the works of art in the museum for the first time in full color.

EnChroma glasses use special optic filters to allow color-blind individuals to see “an expanded range of color and to see it more clearly EnChroma glasses use special optical filters that help the color blind see an expanded range of color and to see it more clearly, vibrantly, and distinctly.” (EnChroma).

Approximately 350 million people worldwide are color-blind with approximately 850,00 of those people being from New York State, according to the Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG).

In order to provide color-deficient guests with the opportunity to borrow EnChroma glasses when visiting the museum, CMoG has now partnered with EnChroma. They can be borrowed from the Admissions Lobby of the museum for the length of the visit.

“As someone with a family member who sees color differently, I was delighted to learn of this glass-enabled technology, and to have the opportunity to offer our guests the ability to experience works in our collections in vibrant color. As we mark the halfway mark in the United Nations’ International Year of Glass, it’s remarkable to reflect on yet another way glass touches and enhances the human experience.”