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Community Clean-Up event in Elmira



Elmira, New York – In an effort to help spruce up an east Elmira neighborhood, over 100 people took part in Elmira’s Community Clean-Up event today.

The event was done through Chemung County Habitat for Humanity, CCHFH, the City of Elmira, and the Cities RISE organization.

By cleaning up the neighborhoods along Matthews Street, Oak Street, and Linden Place with general clean-up of lawns, and garden fixtures, rebuilding of steps, and painting of front porches volunteers from across the city helped.

In order to help with the clean-up, this morning, volunteers came from local churches, banks, and around 60 students from Ernie Davis Academy were present.

As part of the CIties for Responsible Investment and Strategic Enforcement program, Elmira was fortunate enough to receive more than $1.5 million in grants for community revitalization projects.

This fall, there are plans for another clean-up like this to happen.