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CDC encourages more Americans to consider N95 masks



New York —On Friday, U.S. health officials encouraged more Americans to wear the kind of N95 or KN95 masks.

Those kinds of masks are considered better at filtering viruses from the air.

CDC officials removed concerns related to supply shortages and more clearly said that properly fitted N95 and KN95 masks provide the most protection, Friday afternoon.

In September, CDC officials became more encouraging of disposable N95 masks, saying they could be used in certain situations if supplies were available.

President Joe Biden announced that his administration was planning to make “high-quality masks,” including N95s, available for free, on Thursday, and said more details were coming next week.

The latest CDC guidance notes that there is a special category of “surgical N95″ masks, that are specially designed for protection against blood splashes and other operating room hazards.