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Cayuga County is over 20% behind the state total COVID vaccination rate



Cayuga County, New York – According to health leaders in Cayuga County, the COVID-19 vaccine rate is too low.

The Cayuga County Board of Health met last week when. Their biggest concern was with residents not taking advantage of the vaccine.

According to health leaders, Cayuga County’s full-vaccination rate sits around 54%, despite the evidence that the vaccine reduces the severity of COVID cases. The state’s overall vaccine rate is 77.1%.

The common thread: A lack of trust among those who are unvaccinated.

“Over the course of time, the conversations have become increasingly more difficult,” Nancy Purdy said, according to The Citizen’s reporting of the most recent meeting. “Even those that are ill and that hasn’t been vaccinated, it’s just a very tough conversation because they just don’t necessarily trust.”