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New York

Brighton community remembers Krauseneck slaying



Brighton, New York – On Monday, James Krauseneck was finally convicted guilty of using an ax to murder his wife after 40 years of denial.

The murder made a lasting impression on the area where it occurred.

The house has been linked to one of the most well-known crimes in our neighborhood for more than 40 years.

Even those who have since moved into the area are familiar with the tale.

“Anytime you hear that there has been an ax murderer, you know at your neighbor’s house, however long ago, I mean it is you know it is scary its unnerving. Especially in a town like this,” neighbor Haywood Hawks said.

Just six months before the murder, in September 1981, the Krausenecks purchased the house.

One of the attorneys at the time was John Ark.

“I was a lawyer at the time, and also a town judge, and the Krauseneck’s had bought the house from my client. So, from the day that the Krauseneck’s moved to Brighton until today, I have been very aware of the situation and the circumstances,” Ark said.

Ark was called to the crime site since he was a Brighton Town Judge at the time. Despite being permitted to watch the trial this month, he has been following the case ever since.

“Certainly, as a judge whatever the verdict the jurors are always right. This is the kind of case that the jury should have. It is 12 people sitting there hearing the facts fairly presented and they draw the conclusion that they did so,” he said.

This 40-year-old case that thrust a sleepy Brighton neighborhood into the national spotlight may have reached its conclusion with the guilty verdict. The defense, though, claims that it will appeal.