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New York

Average price of gas in NYS highest on record at $5



Rochester, New York – According to AAA, the average price per gallon in Syracuse is $4.94 with the average price being one cent higher at $4.95 in Rochester.

In Buffalo, the average price per gallon is $4.89.

In Ithaca, the price is slightly higher than in the three other cities at $4.96.

The highest prices in upstate New York are in North Country counties- Clinton, Essex, Franklin, and Saint Lawrence- where the average prices are all above $5.

According to AAA spokesperson David Yates, if it wasn’t for the rising price of crude oil, New York’s gas tax holiday- which went into effect on June 1- would have likely provided a greater benefit to consumers.

As of Monday, June 6, crude oil was $120 per barrel, according to AAA.

AAA reported a national average price for fuel of $4.86 as of Monday meaning that, in just four days, the national average price rose by 11 cents.

You can visit the Fuel Saving Tips page on AAA’s website for information on how to save money on gas.