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After the initial plan was rejected, the Rush-Henrietta superintendent proposed a revised school budget



Henrietta, New York – Following last week’s voter rejection of the district’s initial planned budget, the board of the Rush-Henrietta Central School District is now anticipated to present an updated budget.

The board took into consideration three options, including approving a contingency budget and resubmitting the original budget for a vote prior to the revision.

Tuesday night’s board meeting saw the adjustments offered by Rush-Henrietta Superintendent Dr. Barbara Mullen.

“It was paramount for us to really do some deep reflection, and bring back something to the board that both reflects our deep commitment to having student-centered investments as well as being responsive to our tax base,” said Mullen.

The adjustments would result in a projected $1.3 million budget reduction, bringing the total down to about $170.2 million.

Additionally, the tax rate would drop from 1.99% to 1.25%.

Three recently created and vacant roles, including a coordinator for recruitment and retention, would be eliminated as part of those cuts.

Numerous board members stated that this position is essential since the district needs bus drivers in order to compete with other districts’ teaching wages.

“I do believe that reduction, that cutting of that position even though it’s unfilled creates this further problem that we have,” said Board President Scott Adair.

“We need a recruiter,” said Board Member Kimberly DeLardge. “The budget failed by 15 votes. So to me, that’s not this huge referendum against the board or the budget. I just think we need to go back and do a better job of communicating.”

They want to make sure that everyone in the community is aware of this amended budget.

The father of a former student who was awarded a full scholarship to Syracuse University, Sherrolletta Scissum, was taken aback to learn that the initial budget was not approved.

“It’s all about our kids, our students — and here in the Rush-Henrietta community, it’s close,” she said. “We have one of the best districts. We’re the most diverse district, and it continues just growing by leaps and bounds. So, there is more things needed. You can’t keep teaching the same old ways because we want our kids to have an opportunity to be able to go and reach their best potential.”

On Tuesday, June 18, there will be a second vote on the proposed budget proposal at the Transportation Operations Center located on Lehigh Station Road.