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Adults from the area take part in a “game-changing” Alzheimer’s medication trial



Rochester, New York – A small group of local adults took part in a study for a brand-new Alzheimer’s medication.

Lecanemab, the medication, was evaluated in phase 3 international clinical trial. According to drug producers, a monoclonal antibody treatment for Alzheimer’s disease significantly delayed the rate of cognitive loss compared to a placebo.

This is a significant step towards postponing the disease’s consequences, according to Dr. Anton Porsteinsson, Director of the University of Rochester Alzheimer’s Disease Care.

“What the families say, I want to keep them the way they are now for as long as possible so that we can enjoy the time that we have together and delay the time until they need all of the constant supervision,” said Dr. Porsteinsson.

By the end of March 2023, the trial’s participating companies hope to receive regulatory approval from the United States.