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According to the comptroller, child poverty is highest in New York cities



Albany, New York – Among the top ten largest cities in the US with the greatest rates of child poverty are Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo.

A recent report from the state comptroller indicates that in all three cities, 40–46% of children were living in poverty in 2022.

“New York is 41st out of 50 states in the child poverty rate in a negative way, so we have a lot more work to do in New York, obviously with a lot more work from Washington as well to really turn around this trend,” said Thomas DiNapoli, New York State’s Comptroller.

DiNapoli acknowledged that affordability is an issue statewide, even if he was unable to provide the precise cause of the high percentages of poverty in those three communities. He thinks that increasing the Federal Child Tax Credit would be helpful in bringing down the state’s rates of poverty.

“There is legislation pending in Washington to enhance that. We also have in New York State, the Empire State Child Credit as well. All of these kinds of support and subsidies help to lift families, right? At the end of the day, it’s the family.”

The Child Poverty Reduction Act of 2021 in New York intends to cut child poverty by fifty percent by the year 2031. In order to accomplish that, it formed a special commission to provide recommendations. Legislators, according to DiNapoli, must seriously consider those recommendations.

“I’m hoping it will be adding an extra sense of priority as we head into next year’s budget process,” explained DiNapoli.

A $50 million anti-poverty program was established in the recently passed state budget to assist families in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Rochester.