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A new futuristic resource to help patients re-learn how to walk and strengthen their legs at Monroe Community Hospital



Rochester, New York — Patients have a new futuristic resource to help them re-learn how to walk and strengthen their legs.

On Wednesday officials at Monroe Community Hospital showed off the new C-Mill VR+. It helps patients step and balance. It also stimulates the challenges of everyday life, like crossing the street.

“The C-Mill VR+ uses the latest technology to return mobility to those who are injured or suffer from trauma be they rehab patients or long-term care residents,” Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said in a statement. “MCH continues to lead with therapies that give residents the best chance at a positive outcome and success. I thank our donors and the MCH team for all they do every day to care for our hospital residents.”

Matthew Crawford is a Rochester native who has been a patient at MCH for the past eight years. He was bedridden for seven of those years due to health issues caused by substance abuse.

About a year ago, Crawford started a program to learn to walk, and his son from Florida came to visit recently.

“That’s when we tried to get out there and do basketball,” Crawford said. “And they were willing to bring me up here and start the process.”

According to Crawford, his goal is to eventually be able to leave MCH and move down to Tampa to be close to his son.

He believes the new machine will help make that a reality.