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A man shot by a police officer while fleeing an alleged robbery at a corner gas station last week now faces charges



Rochester, N.Y. – Last week, a police officer shot a man who was running away from an alleged robbery at a corner gas station. The man is now facing charges.

Police say that James Brumfield, 33, went into the store at the corner of Culver Road and University Avenue just before midnight on Thursday and stole two 18-packs of Budweiser.

Police say that when the alleged theft was reported, an officer went up to the car Brumfield was in and told him to get out. Brumfield is said to have tried to drive away, but the officer got caught between the driver’s door and the frame of the car. This pulled the officer across the parking lot.

Police say the officer shot Brumfield once in the upper body while he was being dragged. About a mile away, near where Atlantic and Anderson avenues meet, officers found Brumfield.

Brumfield’s gunshot wound was treated at Strong Memorial Hospital. The officer’s hands, forearms, and knees were all cut.

Police found out that Brumfield’s car had been stolen on East Main Street on December 19. Brumfield also had six warrants from three different governments in the area that had not yet been taken care of.

On Tuesday, Brumfield went to court to answer to charges of robbery, assault, resisting arrest, and having stolen property.

He was also served with the six outstanding warrants for things like grand theft, small theft, and failing to show up in court.

Brumfield is being held on bail because he is on probation for a drug charge from 2019. The police found out that he had been arrested four times in 2022, each time for a different crime.