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2024 Rochester Auto Show reports growing interest in electric vehicles



Rochester, New York – The Rochester Auto Show of 2024 concluded on Sunday. Thousands of visitors came from the Rochester region to view the newest models from nearby auto dealerships. The event’s organizers noted an increase in interest in electric automobiles as well as a rise in the number of traditional gas car owners making the conversion in recent years.

“I think the biggest thing we have to do right now is educate people about EVs and hybrid vehicles,” said Brad McAreavy, president of the Rochester Automobile Dealers Association. “What does it mean? What does it cost? How does it work?”

Dealerships and outside businesses promoted home charging stations near the Riverside Convention Center that could be installed. Josh Watts, a local engineer, stated that since he works close to his house, an electric car would be a better option for him.

“With electric, there’s more opportunities to be sustainable,” said Watts. “Lithium can be recycled. Lead can be recycled. Gas is really hard to recycle.”

According to Bob Kanauer of the New York State Electric Auto Association, his organization has spent years educating the public about electric vehicles and working to promote the advantages of making the conversion to electric vehicles.

“You don’t have oil changes, and no tune-ups required, it’s just wipers, brakes, wipers, and a few miscellaneous stuff,” said Kanauer. “The biggest savings is the cost of the fuel. You’re using electricity instead of fuel. It’s about 60% cheaper to go with electric.”

William Mongeon claimed to have driven a gas-powered vehicle his entire life and to be sick of having to stop and replenish.

“They’re quieter, don’t have as much smog, and you don’t have to worry so much about emissions,” he said. “For me, that works a lot better, just the electric way.”