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187 people in Finger Lakes Hospitals due to COVID complications



Rochester, New York – According to New York State COVID data released on Feb. 15, 187 people in Finger Lakes Hospitals were admitted due to COVID or complications of COVID and 221 COVID-positive people were admitted for other reasons.

The CDC’s COVID-19 data tracker shows that 12.53% of Monroe County’s hospital beds were occupied by COVID-positive patients and 13.69% of its ICU beds were occupied by COVID-positive patients as of Feb. 12.

CDC data shows there were 1,123 active cases in Monroe County and the seven-day average of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 was 151.39 through Feb. 15.

Monroe County also reported 82 new positive clinically administered COVID test results Monday and 107 at-home test results.

The county is averaging 213 new cases per day over the past week per county data.

The county says 524,606 residents (70.9% of the population) are fully vaccinated.

To date, 1,753 COVID-positive people in Monroe County have died since March 2020.

The Monroe County Department of Public Health provides updates every weekday. The CDC’s numbers are updated daily but lag by several days.

A New York State web page tracks which variants of the virus are spreading in New York and another one tracks breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated people.

County residents who believe they have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 can call 585-753-5555 or email