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Rochester Labor Council holds conference in support of unions for Labor Day



Rochester, New York — With a conference at a North Union Street building in support of workers who decide to unionize, local workers’ rights leaders and others marked the start of Labor Day.

The Rochester Labor Council organized the conference and this year’s parade.

According to the council, this year’s festivities will celebrate the increasing popularity of unions in large companies, from Starbucks to Amazon, among pandemic-era workers.

“This pandemic has been rough on all workers throughout the nation,” said Dan Maloney, president of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation.

“But those of us fortunate enough to belong to a union have an extra layer of protection, democratically elected union leadership and membership ratified contracts. “Sister Linda Donahue and brother John Garlock along with our RLC Education Committee did a real nice job of documenting all of the steps taken during this pandemic to protect workers.”

Local politicians and workers who recently won organizing drives were also at the conference.

The Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation advocates for policies that improve economic and social justice for workers across 11 counties.